Blockcity is the entrance for users to experience the blockchain world. It is a large-scale mobile app, based on GXChain. Blockcity attracts millions of users through “Mining” incentive. Moreover, many great dApps are introduced to Blockcity, which provide various services. One of our targets is to make Blockcity the largest blockchain dApp platform worldwide and help dApps to easily commercialize and benefit everyone. In the future, Blockcity will work on the trusted data economy and help users take control of and earn from their data.

  • Block Pirate is the first DApp game combining tower defense and TCG. It is developed by Block Kingdom, a North American blockchain game development team, based on GXChain. In the game, each player is the lord of an island leading their people to fight for Block Crystals (BLOCK) with their defensive and attack troop cards. The most fascinating feature of the game is its asynchronous PvP gameplay. Players have to first deploy their defensive army and then attack others’ preset defense. Besides, the adoption of the leaderboard and ranking matchmaking system make the game attractive.
  • Chaos is a virtual world of multiple player war strategy based on block-chain technology. It is also a brand new, glorious history written by all users. Chaos has a very high degree of freedom in the world, and every act of the user affects the politics, economy and military of the Chaos world. Users participate in the operation of Chaos World through suggestions, proposals, voting, transactions, etc., and have the opportunity to get rich revenue.
  • Prophet is a decentralized social prediction market platform built on the GXChain. This platform fully harnesses the technology of distributed open ledgers to enhance the transparency and equality of prediction markets. We incentivize developers releasing prediction events through digital token economy, to share your own wisdom with the community, to provide different types of prediction events for the users, and to gather wisdom from all users to predict the future effectively.